Please note the following rules;

Please fill up the fuel tank in the rental car prior to returning. Refer to our fuel station map if unsure of locations.

A 50,000 yen charge will be incurred if any property or vehicle is damaged.

A 50,000 yen Non Operational charge will be incurred if you cannot return the rental car to the rental yard due to an accident or vehicle repair.

A 20,000 yen Non Operational Charge will be incurred if the rental car is returned late due to an accident or vehicle repair

Please note that the customer is responsible for any loss or damage of Rental Car key, Car registration or tire chains.

In the event of an accident, please follow these steps;

Firstly, remain calm and check your current location. If you do not know the current location, please check the intersection, telephone pole, etc. Or please contact the police on 119 ~ once you have attained you current location. If you are asked by the police for insurance, please inform the following insurance company (insert insurance company here) After contacting the police, please call us immediately on +61401373986. If you are unable to contact us through this number, please call our after hours number +61402113306. We will instruct you on subsequent responses, so please contact police as per our order. 

** If you do not report an accident to the police, insurance will not be covered and you will be charged the repair fee in full **

Insurance Coverage

  • Involving other vehicles – Unlimited per person (including liability insurance)
  • Objective – Unlimited per accident (mandatory 50,000 yen)
  • Vehicle Damage – Up to the market value of the vehicle
  • Personal Injury – Up to 30 million yen per person
Please always use dedicated parking areas, even for short periods.

Please Be Mindful of Where You Park

The enforcement of illegal parking has become severe

  • Even short-term parking in illegal standing areas will be subject to enforcement.
  • Private contractors also carry out enforcement.
  • No reason will be accepted by enforcement officers, so please park in dedicated areas only.

If You Receive a Parking Violation for Parking While Renting a Vehicle

  • Please call or make an appearance at the Police Station that issued the violation, if you receive a parking ticket for illegally parking.
  • Please pay required amount and penalty fee.
  • Please return the Rental Vehicle after resolving parking violation.

At the time of return, please present any documents and receipts received at the Police Station to our receptionist.

If you cannot confirm the payment of the violation fee at the time of your return, we will keep the following amounts;

  • Medium Class Vehicle: 30,000 yen
  • Large Class Vehicle: 35,000 yen

In cases where you have paid the penalty fee after the return of the Rental Vehicle, please provide documents, receipts along with the original traffic violation. Once our receptionist has received the requested documents, the above amounts will be returned to you.

If You Have Not Been Able to Take Care of the Violation

If you do not handle the violation by the time you return the Rental Vehicle, you will be required to pay the violation fee mentioned above. If you cannot handle both the Violation and Parking Fees, you will be contacted by the Police, Public Safety Commission and the Car Rental Association and future Rental Car rentals at member companies of the Car Rental Association will be refused.

If you cannot meet the scheduled return

Please contact KIBEJE Car Rentals on +61401373986 between business hours 9:30 – 19:30 to inform us of any changes to your scheduled return time. Please return within the business hours of 9:30-19:30 or the return date will fall into the following day. In the case of a late return, an overage fee will be charged every hour until returned. 

I want to return the vehicle earlier or later

Even if you return earlier than the scheduled time, you can not refund after agreed duration of the lease. If you would like to extend the reservation period, please contact us at +61401373986 as we may not be able to accept an extension, based on availability.

If you have a breakdown

If you become unable to drive due to failure, etc, please contact us at +61401373986. In case of a flat tire, spare tires are provided within the vehicle and must be replaced by you or consult with staff at a nearby gas station. Driving with a puncture or a problem may cause an accident or further issues. Please call us immediately if you cannot resolve yourself.

Have a Safe and Enjoyable Trip!

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