Q What do I need to rent a vehicle?

A Each person who intends to drive must being a valid license to drive in Japan, passport and a valid means of payment. All the above mentioned must be submitted the day of pickup.

Q What type of drivers license do I need to drive in Japan?

You will require a valid International Drivers License issued by a competent government institution that also conforms to the format specified by Geneva Convention on Road Traffic 1949.

Q Can anyone other than the reservation applicant drive the vehicle?

A Yes, this is possible, however any person who intends to drive the car must submit the necessary documentation, mentioned above, on the day that the car will be collected.

Q Can beginner drivers (licensed less than a month) also rent a call?

A Yes. No restrictions are placed on the date of issuance of the driver’s license.

Q How many days in advance can a reservation be made?

A Vehicles can be reserved 6 months in advance. Reservations can also be made 30 minutes prior to collection depending on availability.

Q Can I rent a vehicle without a reservation?

A Yes, as long as a vehicle is available, however, we recommend making a reservation because no vehicle may be available during busy periods.

Q Can I cancel or change details to my reservation?

A Yes, reservations can be cancelled. Please contact us as soon as possible if you with to cancel your reservation. The reservation number issued when you made the reservation and the email address you registered at the time of reservation are required to cancel or make changes to your reservation.

Q Do I have to pay a cancellation fee if I cancel my reservation?

A A reservation cancellation fee pre-determined by the company may apply if you cancel your reservation. No fee shall apply if the cancellation is made at least 7 days prior to the date of pickup. The cancellation fee shall apply for those made 6 days or less prior to the date of pickup.

Q How many days can I reserve a rental vehicle for?

A We accept reservations for a rental period of one (1) month at most.

Q Are there manual transmission vehicles available for rent?

A No. The transmission type cannot be selected. Only automatic vehicles are available.

Q Are there smoking vehicles available?

A No. All rental vehicles are non-smoking.

Q What happens if I arrive late when collecting rental vehicle?

A Please ensure you contact us if you are going to arrive later than the specified pickup time. Failure to do so will result in your reservation being cancelled after one hour from the specified pickup time. Due to this, the rental vehicle may not be available to rebook anymore.

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